Former CIA officer reveals…
37 critical items you must 
have to build the ultimate
 “Escape Bag”
Forget everything you think you know about 
“bug out bags.”
 Here’s the list of gear you need when you have 
only seconds to escape with your life.
Dear Friend,

I’d like you to meet Patty Anderson.

She’s a wife and mother of two children.

Not too long ago, she thought she was going to die and never see her family again.


Because during a blizzard that slammed the east coast she was trapped in her car for hours on end… Without any type of “survival bag” to provide food, water, or warmth.

In fact, here’s what the New York Post said about her incident…

“Stranded for hours on a snow-covered road, [she] prayed, took out a sheet of loose-leaf paper and wrote what she thought might be her last words to her husband and children.”
Thankfully, Patty made it home to her family, but not everyone does.

A couple from Salt Lake City, Utah went for a drive in the mountains when their car got trapped in the snow. Unable to free the car and without proper supplies, both their bodies were found a few days later.

Obviously, this is a tragedy, but it didn’t have to happen. 

But the fact is, because of a weather emergency, terrorist attack, economic collapse, or any number of disasters…

Every American needs to have what I call an “Escape Bag” to keep themselves and their family alive in a crisis situation.  

My name, by the way, is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA officer and a security specialist.

I’m also an Eagle Scout (Troop 826, Oakton, VA.)

You may have seen me on ABC’s Shark Tank and the NBC TODAY Show.

Even though every American needs an Escape Bag, and many own them, here’s the major problem…
The items most people have in their bags will get them killed.
You see, many folks go online and buy a survival kit that was put together in China with cheaply made products.  

Even worse, they never test their gear to see if it actually works.

Just imagine how horrible it would be to get trapped in the snow for days only to find out your Escape Bag didn’t have the right food (what you want is a special survival bar the military uses that has 32 grams of protein)…

Or that you didn’t have the single best way to keep your family warm (this device costs less than $12 and can be used more than 100 times.)

My point is, I’m a husband and father to two young kids (below) and there’s nothing more important to me than the well-being of my family. 
That’s why I spent a monumental amount of time figuring out the 37 critical items to carry in my Escape Bag so if disaster strikes my family is taken care of.

Keep in mind, these 37 items don’t come from some “Internet list.”

Instead, these items come from my experience as a CIA officer where we had Escape Bags…

From my experience as an Eagle Scout…

And from my experience of having to survive several days with just the bag on my back (more on this in a moment).

The bottom line is, when disaster strikes, having the right survival gear can mean the difference between life and death, which is why you don’t want to take any chances.

That’s why I want to share with you the 37 critical items you need in your own bag, including several pieces of gear you probably never even knew existed.

For example…
"One is none, two is one, and 
three is just enough."
I just mentioned that I’ve had to survive with only the bag on my back.

Without going into too many details, it happened in a foreign country I won’t name.

In short, I was with a group in the mountains when things didn’t go as planned and we ended up running out of water.

As you likely know, without water you’re not going to live for more than a few days, whereas without food you can still survive for weeks.

After a long trek, we finally came across a small pond.

I’ve never been so glad to see a moss covered, mosquito infested body of water in my life.

Needless to say, we couldn’t drink straight from the pond or it would have made us extremely sick... And that’s the last thing we wanted as we were still high in the mountains with a long hike back to “camp.”

Fortunately, my Escape Bag had everything I needed to filter the scummy pond water.

Within minutes, I was sitting on the edge of the pond, with sweat still pouring down my face, enjoying clean drinking water.

And this brings me to the first critical item you must have for your Escape bag.

You see, there’s an old saying in the survival world, “one is none, two is one, and three is just enough.”

When it comes to the ability to get clean drinking water, this has never been more true. After all, you would never carry just one water filter in case it ended up breaking. 

This is why my Escape Bag has three different ways to deliver clean water for me and my family.

The first way is a small device about the size of a smart phone. It weighs less than eight ounces, doesn’t require any pumping, and doesn’t use a single chemical.
Incredibly, it can purify up to 540 gallons of drinking water every single day.
This is, by far, my favorite way to get clean water, which is why this device is always in my Escape Bag.

The second way I use to purify water weighs even less than my first device. It weighs just 2 ounces and I don’t have to worry about any batteries or moving parts.

It’ll purify over 260 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.

To put that into perspective, you want at least one gallon of water per day for each member of your family.

So, if you’ve got a family of four this means you could filter enough water for 66 days.

This water filter costs less than $18 and is so popular it’s been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, and Outdoor Life.

The third and final way I use to purify water is what the U.S. military uses.

It’s for extreme situations and only purifies up to eight gallons of water.

It’s about the size of a moist towelette wipe, and doesn’t involve any tablets or straws… But easily makes dirty water drinkable.

In fact, below are some before and after pictures of water I got from a river near my home and purified using this method.
In a minute, I’ll show you exactly how to get all three of these water purification devices for your own Escape Bag.  

And remember, they take up hardly any space and weigh almost nothing. 

You see, before I cover the rest of the gear, such as knives, guns, food and flashlights… It’s important to go over the weight of your Escape Bag, and the actual bag itself.  

Let me explain…
The secret of choosing the right bag
When it comes to putting together an Escape Bag, the single biggest mistake I see people make is they choose the wrong bag.  

It should go without saying that you NEVER want a bag that looks like Rambo would carry it. You don’t want anything camouflage or anything that looks tactical. 

Believe me, I love tactical bags and own many myself. I use them when I go to the shooting range, but they’re not what I use for my Escape Bag. 

After all, during a crisis situation you never want to draw attention to yourself. 

If your bag screams “survival gear” and a mob takes your bag, it won’t matter if you have the 37 lifesaving items in it. 

So what bag should you use instead? 

Well, after untold amounts of time researching and testing bags, I found what I believe is the perfect Escape Bag. 

First, the bag is made out of canvas. 

But not just any canvas, Martexin waxed canvas. 

This special canvas is made in the USA and has been produced since 1930. 

It’s woven so tightly during manufacturing that it’s wind and water resistant. 

Obviously, if you ever have to use your Escape Bag during a hurricane or other downpour, you want your gear to stay dry. 

What’s more, the bag comes with dual density foam in the shoulder straps to ensure comfort if you have to walk a long distance to get to safety.

And, the size of the bag is the right number of cubic inches (1,200) allowing you to carry the 37 items while keeping the weight down. 

Remember, one of the most important parts of putting together an Escape Bag is making sure it’s not too heavy.  

There’s a magic number when it comes to how many pounds you want in your Escape Bag and you never want to cross it. 

I’ll tell you that weight number and where to get the Escape Bag I just described in a moment. 

But before I forget, let me quickly share with you the critical knife and gun you want in your Escape Bag.  

I can pretty much guarantee neither of these items are on your current list of survival gear…  
The ultimate survival knife?
Let’s start with the knife. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing a knife that you may have to bet your life on. 

For instance… 

Does it have a full tang? (The tang is the part of the knife that extends into the handle.)

What material is the handle made out of? 

Is the blade stainless steel or carbon steel?

Does it have a straight or serrated edge? 

And how thick is the blade? 

I realize that sounds like a lot of questions, but don’t worry. 

In my Escape Bag I have the knife that meets (and even exceeds) the necessary survival criteria.

It’s used by government operatives and Special Forces around the world.

Best of all, it’s made right here in the U.S. 

This specific knife has a blade made of 1095 high carbon steel. This means it holds an edge very well and is tough enough for prying, chopping, and other activities. 

What’s more, the knife handle is made out of G-10 material. 

As one knife website noted, G-10 is “A fiberglass based laminate. Layers of fiberglass cloth are soaked in resin and are compressed and baked. The resulting material is very hard, lightweight, and strong.” 

In fact, this survival knife weighs only 4.4 ounces, which is one of the many reasons it’s the knife I keep in my Escape Bag. 

Before I give you the name and model of this knife, let me quickly cover the one gun I keep in my Escape Bag…
The single most important firearm
I love guns. 

I always carry concealed and you’ll either find me with a Glock 19 on my hip or a Ruger LCP in my pocket. 

However, when it comes to the gun in my Escape Bag, it’s a gun most people have never shot, and haven’t even heard of. 

It’s not a big name brand like Ruger, or Glock or Smith & Wesson. 

But it’s made by a company who’s been around for more than 150 years and who’s known for building legendary firearms. 

The gun is always in my Escape Bag because it’s lightweight, it’s reliable (the U.S. military uses it), it shoots the most popular caliber in the country, and it can be used for both self-defense and hunting purposes. 

In fact, here’s a target I shot showing you the tight groups this gun can achieve. 
This accuracy makes it perfect for stopping both two-legged and four-legged threats. 

I’m going to give you the name of this unique gun in a second.

Plus, I’m going to give you the name of the survival knife and everything else I’ve mentioned in this presentation.

It’s all part of a special guide I just released called, The Escape Bag Blueprint: 37 Items You Must Have to Survive a Crisis.

Best of all, I’d like to give you this guide for free.

It’s 76 pages long and contains over 60 pictures of all of the items you need in your Escape Bag to keep you and your family alive.

For instance, besides water filters, guns and knives, here’s what else is covered in The Escape Bag Blueprint
The list of items you need
Besides water, food is obviously at the top of the list of items you need.

Unfortunately, most people buy a Clif bar from Walmart or a dehydrated meal from a camping store.

But what you want in your Escape Bag is the survival bar that’s specially designed to replace meals and has 32 grams of protein per bar.

To put that into perspective, an average plate of spaghetti has 8 grams of protein. In other words, one survival bar has as much protein as four plates of spaghetti.

This is the reason top athletes and elite government personnel who may find themselves in the most dire of survival situations rely on these bars.

My Escape Bag has six of these bars, but that’s not all.

It also contains a type of meal that doesn’t require you to add water. And, you don’t need a fire to cook it because the meal cooks itself in just minutes.

I know that sounds strange, but several state and local governments have purchased this meal to use during natural disasters.
My Escape Bag contains two of these
 "self-cooking" meals.
There’s a few other food items in my Escape Bag and you’ll get the names and quantities of all of them in my free guide, The Escape Bag Blueprint: 37 Items You Must Have to Survive a Crisis.

Besides food items, in this guide, I cover every personal protection item you need. (In addition to the gun and knife, there are 3 other items you never want to be caught without.)

I also reveal the full details of my Ultimate Fire Starting Kit, which contains 6 different ways to help you start a fire… Including a little-known product used by the government that can even start a fire in a nasty downpour.

And I show you the crucial items you need for shelter, lighting, and communication purposes. (There’s a $13 pocket radio that’s a must have for monitoring the airwaves during a disaster.)

The bottom line is, The Escape Bag Blueprint has the names, pictures, and complete details of all 37 items you need to stay alive in a crisis situation.

And remember, these are the same items I carry in my own bag and the same ones I’ve personally used in survival situations.

And, as I mentioned earlier, I want to give you free access to The Escape Bag Blueprint: 37 Items You Must Have to Survive a Crisis.

You’ll get free access to The Escape Bag Blueprint along with 7 other free gifts when you claim your FREE trial membership to the Personal Protection Alliance.
What is the Personal 
Protection Alliance?
In short, it’s a private organization I helped found a few years ago.

Its purpose is to give every freedom-loving American insider access to the most important safety and survival information on the planet.

Remember, I spent several years with the CIA and still have many contacts there. 

I also own a security firm that specializes in investigations and executive protection. 

My point is, through my government contacts… 

And through my security firm, which gives me access to an untold number of databases… 

I’m able to stay on top of the latest security and survival information that no American should be without. 

This is why the NBC TODAY Show sent Lester Holt out to learn from me (clip below) and why I’ve been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, National Public Radio, and Fox News. 
What it all boils down to is this… 

The world is as unpredictable as ever. 

The U.S. government has over $16 TRILLION in debt… Our personal privacy is vanishing at an alarming rate… And with natural disasters and food shortages…

It’s critical that you’re properly prepared to take care of your family in the future and that’s exactly what the Personal Protection Alliance helps you do. 

So in addition to giving you a copy of The Escape Bag Blueprint: 37 Items You Must Have to Survive a Crisis

I’m also going to send you the Jason Hanson Survival Letter.  

This is an information packed newsletter I personally write that’s delivered to your mailbox around the 15th of each month. 

The truth is, each issue is a “survival seminar in print” that gives you tips, secrets, and strategies to help keep you better protected on a daily basis.
Here's a small sample of the incredibly 
valuable information you get every 
month in the Jason Hanson
Survival Letter.
  • How to build a Pocket Trauma Kit and why this should be in every American’s home and vehicle. (This kit easily fits in your pocket and contains three pieces of gear that could save your life in a medical emergency.) 
  • How to protect your privacy both offline and online, including how to surf the Internet anonymously (using military encryption software), and the single best way to dispose of an old hard drive.
  • Handgun drills to help you become a deadly accurate shooter, including the “6 Dot drill” and “5 Square drill.” (I give you each of the targets I personally use for these drills.)
  • The assets you can legally hide from the government, including the two best countries to open a foreign bank account that Uncle Sam will never know about. 
  • Simple and inexpensive ways to hide money around your home so nobody will ever find it. (One method costs less than 98 cents to implement and virtually guarantees a burglar will never be able to find your stash of money.)
  • Hand to hand defense secrets to help you protect yourself against multiple attackers. (Anyone can use these simple moves even if you have zero martial arts experience.)
  • How to make a Swedish fire torch in a survival situation. (It only requires one piece of wood and could be the difference between life and death in a winter survival emergency.)
  • The 3 best water purifiers to own, including the purifier that should last you the rest of your life because it never needs its filter changed.
  • Food storage secrets to ensure you always have an entire month’s supply of food at the very minimum. (This is the exact way I built up my family’s year supply of food without breaking the bank.)
  • Carjacking countermeasures and the most important thing you can do to prevent a carjacking in the first place.
  • The $20 survival knife that should be in your glove box and also makes a great addition to your Escape Bag.
And much, much more… 

The fact is, I constantly travel around the U.S. and the world, not only teaching security courses, but as I mentioned earlier, keeping up-to-date with the latest security measures. 

And this what I share with you every single month in the Jason Hanson Survival Letter. 

In addition to the Jason Hanson Survival Letter, all members of the Personal Protection Alliance get access to the password-protected members only website which includes…
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In fact, the video I just posted reveals what I believe is the most important handgun accuracy secret ever. It involves trigger control, and I bet not 1 in 1,000 people have heard of it. But after watching the short, 5-minute video, you’ll no doubt be able to improve your shooting accuracy.  
  • Monthly Legal Briefing - My wife happens to be an attorney. She graduated magna cum laude in the top 10% of her class. Each month, she evaluates and breaks down a recent self-defense encounter. This one-page legal briefing covers the aspects of deadly force law to help you better understand when you’re legally allowed to defend yourself and your family in this uncertain world.  
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For instance, one of these items is a special tape used by the military to repair tanks, Hummer’s and more. This tape has a thousand uses and is much better than duct tape, Gorilla tape, or any other type of tape for that matter.

Bonus #2: Folding credit card knife. This is the credit card knife shown in the Spy Escape & Evasion course. This is the exact one I carry with me on a daily basis. And, it easily fits inside a wallet.

It also takes just seconds to transform into a razor sharp fighting tool.

Bonus #3: 11-in-1 wallet survival tool. Check out all of the different functions of this small yet extremely useful tool…

The tool is made of stainless steel and will last you for years. It also comes with its own carrying case. Personally, I never leave home without this tool in my pocket.

Bonus #4: Special Report: 7 Ways to Keep Your Family Safer This Year. This report shows you how to avoid a deadly home invasion… a simple $15 alarm that could save your life when traveling… why you should never answer your front door (and what you should really do when someone knocks)… and the $20 item every homeowner needs in front of their house… and much more.

Bonus #5: Rifle Gear Cheat Sheet: The AR-15 is one of my favorite rifles and one of the best firearms to have with you during a true societal crisis. In the Rifle Gear Cheat Sheet, I reveal the critical gear you should have on your rifle including the best optics, my favorite sling maker, the type of flashlight I use on my rifle, and my favorite carrying case.

Bonus #6: Special Report: Everyday Carry Gear: The 11 items I Carry With Me On a Daily Basis. This report reveals the survival gear I carry daily, including the type of gun I carry, the credit card knife, the tactical pen, and several other items that could save your life in an emergency situation.

Bonus #7: Special Report: Insider Secrets of Buying and Carrying Your First Concealed Carry Firearm. This report could save you hundreds of dollars by helping you choose the right gun for concealed carry. It mentions one of my favorite holsters and even discusses how to fly with a firearm when traveling. What's more, this report has a bonus section called, "The top 5 things you need to ask before taking any firearms training.

Bonus #8: Special Report: 30-Day Urban Survival Guide: What You Need to Know to Be Self-Sufficient for 30 Days. In this report, you'll discover how to easily store emergency water including the best container to use… how to store food so it lasts 30 years or more… the 3 types of guns every American ought to own…  and 12 other pieces of gear to help you survive a blackout or natural disaster.

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Mr. Fish was hiking in the Arizona mountains when a man violently attacked him. He was forced to defend himself and shoot his attacker.

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